Monday, March 30, 2009

How Aussies raised $1000 in 3 days - and a chance to raise some more!

How exciting! Ten generous Australian bloggers united in a fundraising initiative, by writing Tribute blog posts for the entrepreneurial poor in the Philippines. In less than three days, they managed to raise $100 per post, a grand total of $1000 from Incentive House (Reward Yourself card.)

The folks at Incentive House were thrilled to see the response by bloggers and on Twitter to support this important cause for women living in poverty. They were so encouraged that they have extended their support for this fundraiser.

Joanne Stanton has kindly offered to donate another $300 from towards this community microfinance project in the Philippines - if only three more Australians join in this initiative and write a Tribute blog post by midnight 31st March ($100 per post).

I will create a wrap-up post with links to all of the final posts in early April. I am truly amazed at what can be achieved in a short time. Thanks for your generosity so far! Only three blog posts to go before we raise $1300 together!