Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inspiring words. Inspiring action.

You might wonder why I chose the theme "a woman's investment".
Why not "a woman's dream" or "a woman's inspiration"?

I think amazing things can happen when a woman breathes life into her dreams and invests of herself to turn those dreams into an inspiring reality. She invests from the moment she gives these seeds of innovation some thought and vision. Then as she rises up with confidence to take action, she invests in other ways - her steps, her voice, her effort, her finances and her time.

Investment requires action. Sometimes it involves sacrifice, strength and courage. Small investments and large all have impact. Some women risk their lives to defend and provide for their children. The small community of poor women in the Philippines will invest in their livelihoods, their families and their community. So far over 20 women have invested some time to come up with an inspiring sentence on the theme of a Woman's Investment. I'd love for you to share your own quote. You can speak from your own experience, your journey or your insight.

Joanna Young over at Confident Writing shared these wonderful words and her own photo

Deep roots, bright leaves, the strength to weather storms:
when a woman invests I know that growth will follow.

You have until the 31st of October (your time zone) to contribute...please let me know if you are interested.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Women's Opportunity?

You might be curious to know why I decided to raise $10,000 for a trust bank in the Philippines through Women's Opportunity (Opportunity International Australia)
First, a few facts* about Opportunity International
  • 86% of their loans are made to women
  • achieves a loan repayment of 97%
  • works in 28 developing countries worldwide
  • supports over one million active clients
The money I am raising - with your support - will enable 15 to 30 entrepreneurial poor (mainly women) to form a Trust Bank. They co-guarantee each other's loans to start small businesses and support their families, working together so that all may succeed in their individual businesses. The Trust Bank is established in a community where over half the residents are living below the national poverty line (typically $1-2 a day.)

In addition to the loan the funding provides enterprise development services, including training in business and management skills, social and community issues such as health, sanitation and community participation - and personal development. The members meet each week to make their repayments, discuss issues relevant to their businesses and personal lives, and receive business training and mentoring.

Don't you think it would be wonderful if we could pool together to help a group of poor women in the Philippines to form a small community, build business, be transformed as individuals and even impact whole communities? I'm really glad to be a part of this, I hope you can join me in making a difference.

(*March 2008)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some wonderful contributors

There have been some beautifully written contributions to the Women's Investment project so far. Thanks to these early contributors (in no particular order) :
Anita Pahor, Women’s Opportunity Director, Australia
Kieran Cannistra, Innovation Editor IBM, USA
Cindy Lenferna de la Motte, Director at Fashion Collaborative, Australia
Amy Palko, Less Ordinary, Scotland
Suzanne Male, Publisher, Smink Works Books, Australia
Silvia Guccione, Director, Pomodoro Italian Cooking School, Australia
Michelle Zamora, AP SOA Marketing Leader, IBM, Australia
Nina Simosko, Global Chief Operating Officer, SAP Education USA
Lindy McKeown, eLearning Consultant, Australia
Renee Wolforth, Attorney, Washington, USA
Bonnie McEwan Owner, Make Waves: Impact Marketing for Nonprofits USA
Debbe Kennedy, Founder, President, and CEO Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions Companies, USA
Phaedra Boinidiris, CEO, WomenGamers.Com USA
Joanna Young, Confident Writing, writing coach, Scotland
Janette Toral, Australia/Philippines
Linda Griffin Founder ClearWind LLC, USA
Sacha Chua, Philippines and Canada

Some women have even made a donation in addition to their inspiring words - thank you so much! I'm looking forward to creating the slides in a few weeks - I'm sure you will be inspired and moved too!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seeking your inspiring words!

I'm really amazed at the responses I have received to date for the Women's Investment slideshare project. So far twenty women - from CEOs to photographers, directors and small business owners - have shared a sentence for the slides.

“When a woman invests in the lives of others she propels herself forward into more of her own destiny…the unlikely dividend of living a life for others is discovering the purpose of your own”
Anita Pahor, Women’s Opportunity Director, Australia.

You still have until the end of the month to share your sentence. If you are a woman with entrepreneurial spirit and you would like to contribute to this special project:

1. Write a sentence on the theme of “A woman’s Investment” on LinkedIn by the end of October. Alternatively you can email me privately at jasmin at wonderwebby dot com with your response or intent to respond. Or just leave a comment here!

2. Please include your name, title/company (optional) and Country.
If you have a blog or company website you can list that too, as I will compile an additional list of all contributors and links on my blog.

And please spread the word for people to join in or donate! Thank you!

To donate:

A Woman's Investment. A special project.

What's this all about?

Recently I joined Women’s Opportunity as a formal Ambassador. Over the next year, amongst other things I aim to raise $10,000 for the non profit Opportunity International Australia towards microfinance and enterprise development solutions in the Philippines, to help women work their way out of poverty.

The money raised will create a Trust Bank in the Philippines for a group of 15 to 30 women. They will be supported over a two year cycle by a Loan Officer, training (eg customer service) to develop their own small businesses using microfinance. I will share an update with contributors every 6 months so you can see a photo of the women and get an update of how your generous donation has assisted them.

I’m looking forward to a creative year, full of innovative and fun ways to make this happen! Like this special project “A Woman’s Investment” (please join in!)

And of course, you can help me on this journey by making a contribution - even $10 will help me towards my goal. Please contact me jasmin {at} wonderwebby {dot} com if you require a receipt for tax purposes. You can donate here (using Paypal or Visa)

Thanks! And please feel free to share any ideas, experiences or feedback.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Woman's Investment

A Womans Investment - invitation to contribute
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: wonderwebby quotes)

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