Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Woman's Investment. A special project.

What's this all about?

Recently I joined Women’s Opportunity as a formal Ambassador. Over the next year, amongst other things I aim to raise $10,000 for the non profit Opportunity International Australia towards microfinance and enterprise development solutions in the Philippines, to help women work their way out of poverty.

The money raised will create a Trust Bank in the Philippines for a group of 15 to 30 women. They will be supported over a two year cycle by a Loan Officer, training (eg customer service) to develop their own small businesses using microfinance. I will share an update with contributors every 6 months so you can see a photo of the women and get an update of how your generous donation has assisted them.

I’m looking forward to a creative year, full of innovative and fun ways to make this happen! Like this special project “A Woman’s Investment” (please join in!)

And of course, you can help me on this journey by making a contribution - even $10 will help me towards my goal. Please contact me jasmin {at} wonderwebby {dot} com if you require a receipt for tax purposes. You can donate here (using Paypal or Visa)

Thanks! And please feel free to share any ideas, experiences or feedback.