Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seeking your inspiring words!

I'm really amazed at the responses I have received to date for the Women's Investment slideshare project. So far twenty women - from CEOs to photographers, directors and small business owners - have shared a sentence for the slides.

“When a woman invests in the lives of others she propels herself forward into more of her own destiny…the unlikely dividend of living a life for others is discovering the purpose of your own”
Anita Pahor, Women’s Opportunity Director, Australia.

You still have until the end of the month to share your sentence. If you are a woman with entrepreneurial spirit and you would like to contribute to this special project:

1. Write a sentence on the theme of “A woman’s Investment” on LinkedIn by the end of October. Alternatively you can email me privately at jasmin at wonderwebby dot com with your response or intent to respond. Or just leave a comment here!

2. Please include your name, title/company (optional) and Country.
If you have a blog or company website you can list that too, as I will compile an additional list of all contributors and links on my blog.

And please spread the word for people to join in or donate! Thank you!

To donate: