Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Women's Opportunity?

You might be curious to know why I decided to raise $10,000 for a trust bank in the Philippines through Women's Opportunity (Opportunity International Australia)
First, a few facts* about Opportunity International
  • 86% of their loans are made to women
  • achieves a loan repayment of 97%
  • works in 28 developing countries worldwide
  • supports over one million active clients
The money I am raising - with your support - will enable 15 to 30 entrepreneurial poor (mainly women) to form a Trust Bank. They co-guarantee each other's loans to start small businesses and support their families, working together so that all may succeed in their individual businesses. The Trust Bank is established in a community where over half the residents are living below the national poverty line (typically $1-2 a day.)

In addition to the loan the funding provides enterprise development services, including training in business and management skills, social and community issues such as health, sanitation and community participation - and personal development. The members meet each week to make their repayments, discuss issues relevant to their businesses and personal lives, and receive business training and mentoring.

Don't you think it would be wonderful if we could pool together to help a group of poor women in the Philippines to form a small community, build business, be transformed as individuals and even impact whole communities? I'm really glad to be a part of this, I hope you can join me in making a difference.

(*March 2008)