Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Change lives by buying a cup of coffee

I've been thinking - what do you do when you only have 20 days left to raise US$4,000?

You see, this month I’m wrapping up my fundraising activities for Opportunity International - raising money for a two year 'Trust Group' microfinance program, which provides small business loans and training for Filipino women currently living in poverty.

An Opportunity International client, who has started a small business thanks to a Trust Group program

So I thought I would ask 1000 people to donate USD$4 - the price of a drink – to raise the total funds for this project. A large coffee costs $4 at some places these days – I would be really grateful if you could shout me one :)

Many thanks to people who have chipped in so far already raising 50% of funds for this AUD$10,000 (approx US$8k) program including:

@sachac @socialtopher @sminkworks @badkoala @kt29 @gypsychk @joannayoung @digitalfilipino @joannestanton @gusposkus @juliancole @ethmanmcc @mspecht @bettinac @janelle_amet @onlinedialogues @blm849 @iggypintado @andypiper @nancywhite @verbaw @marigo @elsua @aqualung @SonjaBarfoed @innotecture @kdelarue and @deswalsh

You can read more and donate at

Update – thanks for your donations so far including a couple of rounds – together you have donated nearly $400 worth of coffees - only 17 days to go !

If you prefer to donate in Australian dollars, you can deposit directly via paypal. Thank you for your support.