Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting to ten thousand

I haven't done much fundraising before. So, when I agreed to raise AU$10,000 for a Trust Bank in the Philippines, I faced the challenge of finding ways to raise so much money by the end of June next year. I still do!

Image originally uploaded by ModifiedEnzyme
Well so far a few contributions have amounted to US$200, which is around $300 Australian dollars. So I figure, all I need is um, around 600 people to donate US$10 (or 300 of you to donate US$20) and a whole community in the Philippines will be impacted!

The Group Slideshare project was a nice start to generate some awareness and raise a little bit of money. I'll be putting on my thinking cap - maybe auctioning a twenty year old edition of Warhol's Interview magazine on eBay. A blogging challenge. A reward. Stay tuned for the next creative fundraising challenge and more stories about women from previous projects in the Philippines.

A successful Trust Bank, the Dadda Group in the Philippines.
Image courtesy of Opportunity International

Oh - and please remember to donate (via Paypal or creditcard) or share this project with others. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible (I will be arranging receipts quarterly)

Thank you!