Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beyond a Creative Challenge

Following on from the success of the Women's Investment slide project, which raised over AU$500 towards a group microfinance project in the Philippines - it's time for a new creative challenge. I hope you are personally inspired along the way :) All you need to do is respond to this challenge (see basic rules below) and you have a chance of winning a gift set of personalized postcards, minicards and stickers courtesy of MOO and a copy of "World Poverty for Dummies" courtesy of Wiley Australia!
The theme for this creative fundraising challenge is about thinking "Beyond". It's about changing your world. It's about innovation, vision and hope. And it's about making a difference.
Beyond yourself...towards the world.
Beyond the immediate...towards the possibilities.

Beyond having an idea...towards sharing it.

Beyond observing...towards participating.

Beyond poverty...towards empowerment and opportunity.

Image courtesy of Opportunity International Australia

Some basic "rules":

1. Be creative. You could share a story, an opinion, your experience, a motif, a poem, a picture, a short video, a call to action, or…you decide! The idea is to share something that represents a way to think “beyond” and make a difference in the world

2. Place a link on your response to this original post. You could also mention that this is all about raising awareness and funds for a microfinance project in the Philippines.

3. Verify your entry by commenting on this original post. with a link to your response

Examples of what you could write/create:
  • a blog post about dreaming big
  • an example of how someone made a difference by using their imagination
  • an illustration about opportunity
  • a photo illustrating why we need to think "beyond"
  • a video montage of words and images
Get the picture? :)

You have until Sunday December 21st 2008(midnight AEST) to contribute. The winner (as selected by a random draw of all entries) will receive a prize. The prize includes a personalized pack from MOO including 20 x POSTCARDS, 100 MINICARDS and 90 STICKERS valued at around $50

In addition, any DONATIONS received before 21 December will also be in a random draw for a copy of World Poverty for Dummies.

Winners will first be contacted about their prize and announced later in a follow-up post. I hope you will join in and share your thoughts about thinking "beyond" :) I will be featuring all responses on this tumblelog.

Ultimately this is all about raising AU$10,000 for a group microfinance project in the Philippines through the work of Women's Opportunity/Opportunity International Australia. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Beyond helping just one person, this project will help at least 15 women work their way out of poverty, learn new skills and impact their communities.